Meet Andy, THE rapeseed oil man

It’s not often I blog about the same product, however Fussels Rapeseed oil is a must.  You can read the past blog HERE.



Many brands have characters, many big corporations try to bring these to life, some examples are The Fabulous Baking Boys, Betty Crocker and not forgetting the Home Pride sauce man.  Andy Fussel is this man on his brand too, yes like the others he has cartoon imagery, but the real life Andy can be seen all over the UK evangelising about his rapeseed oil, he plants it, he harvests it (on a CLAAS combine – I coincidentally grew up on one), extracts the oil, and makes it.  Mellow the flavour of the oil may be, however the fun I experienced a few weeks ago with Mr Fussel at the AGA cookery theatre at the Longleat Fishing Show was a delight.  Andy on stage is something else, a ball of middle aged energy, his knowledge of his home grown product makes him one of those really interesting experts.  Andy makes cooking oil exciting.

I feel bad for calling it ‘cooking oil’.  It’s not, its home grown, Fussel family cultivated rapeseed oil, you know the one that has all of the health properties of olive oil but can reach a proper cooking temperature.  The benefits go on, the list is huge, but what impresses me in not the fact that Andy presents on Radio Frome, has been with Chris Evans on Radio 2, nor his appearance on Dragons Den, its the fact that he’s one of those heroes of British food.  He grows it, he’s expanded his home grown product range to have mayonaise and other dressings, various flavoured oils and one I have not tried, a beer and horseradish sauce.

And as I’ve said before he’s won a few Great Taste Awards, regular readers of this blog know my respect for the winners of those awards after being a judge myself.

Andy, your enthusiasm is infectious, your products fantastic.  Keep going, it’s farmers like you that make Great British Food just that.  Great.

Where can I try Fussels products?  Either HERE or at an ASDA.



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