The birth of Angus the AGA. “How Do They Do It?”

When a mummy and daddy love each other very much…. or so the old adage used to go. I assure you Angus the AGA City60 was not found in a cabbage patch as we don’t have those in Peckham (the posh part), nor was he delivered by a stalk.  I will have you know he was delivered by AGA London.  So when asked about the birth of my bundle of joy, I’m booming with pride to tell people the real story.  And, it’s on TV tonight.


Have you ever had hot chocolate and cinnamon toast on the AGA?  Tonight is perfect for it.  Find a friend (that needs an AGA), sit on the sofa and turn on the TV, I promise you this will be nothing short of fascinating.

I’ve had the privilege many times of seeing how AGA cookers are made.  In a World Heritage Site no less; the Coalbrookdale Foundry in Shropshire in the English countryside. This foundry is where the Industrial Revolution occurred.  This is authentic British history and manufacturing at it’s best.  All made by hand.

There was another new arrival in our home today, a TV.  Dr Thomas and I have been proud  not to own one for years, we spend our free time around Angus the AGA City60 talking and entertaining.  Magic Mike (not the movie, our friend who works in posh ladies clothing) upgraded his TV and followed the concept of AGA manufacturing and re-cycled his old TV to us.  Dr Thomas is well impressed.  Being German he is obsessive about recycling, and that is a fantastic and important thing.  That’s one of the reasons he loves Angus the AGA City60 as every AGA is made from old scrap metal.

AGA cookers are unique, each one loved by many skilled crafts people during manufacture.  They are not “One borne every minute”, as Dr Thomas learnt at university.  Tonight’s premiere of “How Do They Do It” is about AGA, Incense Sticks and Jenever.  AGA, a homely smell and gin.  These are a few of my favourite things.  #drinkaware

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