A dog at the AGA Owners Conference

Dr Thomas and I ventured out of our beloved Peckham (the posh part) on Sunday  to attend the AGA Conference for AGA owners in Kensington.  As an AGA owner, Dr Thomas was some what intrigued to what other AGA owners are like, so much so, he fell in love with a dog.  Gerard the dog to be precise.


I have always wanted a dog as regular Angus the AGA readers will know, I want a sausage dog called Ludvig, but no, we a cat household.  I grew up with dogs on the farm back home in Northern Ireland.  Arnold, Patsy and then Burt.  All of them sleeping next to the old 2 oven oil AGA.

For me having and AGA and a dog go together.

To that end, I was so, oh so excited to learn about Gerard, the new AGA dog, he sings the National Anthem and much more.  Have a look….   All reported by Miss AGA.  Dog owners and non Dog owners will love it.  Dr Thomas does.

In case you missed it, have a look at the video from the AGA Owners Conference, if you look carefully you can even see Dr Thomas.  He’s now an AGA convert.


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