AGA Rangemaster and China

It’s been very busy with my work in China and AGA Rangemaster of recent weeks.  I was very happy to see an article about AGA Rangemaster and China in the Financial Times last week.  You can read about my role with AGA Rangemaster and China HERE.



World Food Traveller working with Great British brands with their quest to trade in the Far East

Whilst all eyes have been focussed on Team GB in London, World Food Traveller James McIntosh has been spending his time in China learning about culture and cooking ‘Chinese style’.

His findings have encouraged the Great British PLC of AGA Rangemaster to enter the Chinese market by agreeing a distribution agreement with Vatti who make gas appliances and also designed the Olympic Torch for the 2008 Games in Beijing.

“I have spent a lot of time in China over the past few years developing my knowledge about how the Chinese cook their food and their attitude to Western style cooking. It has been a fantastic education over thousands of kilomentres. I am passionate about promoting Great British Brands in China. That has always been my aim. I am so proud to have been involved in the work to bring AGA Rangemaster to China. “

James feels the time is right for British brands to make their mark on the Chinese market. Over 10 hours of award winning TV in China and various publications, James is well known in Chinese homes.

“The eyes of the world are on Great Britain at the moment. The amazing spectacle of London 2012 has created admiration from around the globe. Great Britain has something to say. Not just on the track, river or in the velodrome, but also as to the strength and quality of Great British brands.”

James would like to assist any brands in their quest to develop markets in China. His knowledge is gold dust for British businesses who are ready, like AGA Rangemaster,  to take this opportunity.

“There is a window of opportunity available right now for British Food and Manufacturing in China. I am more than happy to look at bringing my knowledge to the party as companies make their decisions.”

James’ Chinese adventures have been well documented online through his many blog posts and he can be contacted through his website

2 thoughts on “AGA Rangemaster and China

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  2. The quality of anything British Made/British brand is just fantastic. What a great way James, to promote these into China while you are on your knowledge building voyage.
    We certainly hope that more British brands get aware of what you can do for them. We will be definitely in touch if we have got any of our own products that we wish to promote.
    Dalzells of Markethill

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