Angus goes from Belfast to Beijing

Last week I was in my native Belfast demonstrating AGA and using the lovely local Brambleberry Jam in my roulade and today I fly to Beijing to launch AGA in China.  Angus, if only you could travel with me!  But now the Chinese can have an Angus the AGA too!

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Lufthansa, thats how I’m flying, German Dr Thomas is very proud of the fact I’m flying German and has gone to work, but his parting comment to me this am was to “leave the Lederhosen at home” (I’m transiting through Munich, the home of lederhosen) and not to feel the need to spread my blanket out on my business class seat as it’s only the Northern Germans that leave the ‘beach towels’ out to claim their seats.  I’m sure there is not a swimming pool inside an Airbus A340.  My life in Peckham with a German Dr as a partner is very interesting some days, the nonsense we talk, the fun we have and the travelling I have to do.  Life could not be any better since Angus the AGA City60 joined us and made our flat feel like a ‘proper home‘.

Dr Thomas is very excited, he has a new unit in Hospital, so that should keep him busy when I’m away, however I have left a list of DIY that needs doing around the flat, including lifting the decking, buying a new chest of drawers and considering why I NEED a new kitchen.  I’m a nightmare with a screwdriver, Dr Thomas is very gifted at DIY.  The decking has ‘square holes’ on top of the screws, my first attempt at fixing them left a ’round hole’ and thats just impossible!  Every primary school child knows that square pegs don’t go into round holes.  However, the drainage below the decking needs a bit of work, even though the gentle heat from Angus the AGA City60 on the other side of the wall has dried out the little bit of damp that has arisen.  Angus does more than just cook.  It’s safe to say he’s a fully signed up member to our gay household.  In Peckham, the posh part.  Now if this decking is fixed by the time I get back from Beijing there will be enough time to plant my new conception.  A kitchen garden.

One thing I have learnt to love is how Angus gently warms a bottle of red on a Saturday night.  Just leave a bottle of wine or port at the back of the AGA when cooking and it’s beautifully warm, the process known in authentic French as chamberé – to ‘brew’ wine at room temperature.  As for me, I’m a gin lover and I do love a glass of Shortcross Gin from my native Northern Ireland.  Shortcross is Northern Irelands only premium craft gin and a beautiful product at that.  Angus the AGA City60 and I were watching a Shortcross tasting on Sunday Brunch last week.

It’s been a time of dressing up, new frocks for all!  I may not be wearing the Bavarian outfit when flugging on Lufthansa today, but I have a lovely sparkly new website.  Please have a look, it’s got an AGA section too.

And as for Angus…  Well, as I’m flying to Beijing today to launch AGA in China, Angus the AGA City60 has been dressing up in Chinese style too.  I may add, the props are ‘authentic imitation’ products bought at the Great Wall itself.  And no, not the Great Wall Chinese takeaway in the North Peckham estate.  Due to the ‘Great Firewall of China’, I won’t be about on Social Media for a bit, and I do love my Facebook.

As for Dr Thomas, he’s not dressing up.  Doctors don’t do that.  Or so he says.  The Lederhosen in the wardrobe is not mine.  I may protest too much! He will be at home on my 11 day trip to look after Gloria and Gaynor our cats.  “Darling, don’t forget to fix the decking and do consider a new kitchen.  I think a trip to Fired Earth in Dulwich is required when I get home and don’t eat all of that One Direction Easter Egg“.  

So, please, wish me luck as you wave me goodbye, tally-ho, here I go, on my way.


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