Christmas Meat.

After cooking what seems like endless turkeys for AGA demonstrations this year, my customers always ask what I’m having for Christmas day.

Untitled-1Let me admit something.  The answer is simple, whatever mum cooks!  My mum always makes a fabulous christmas for us back home on our 400 year old farm in Northern Ireland.  You can see it HERE.

If I lived in Belfast, I would definitely be buying my meat from McCords Butchers on the Castlereah Road.  I have used their meat for years at my AGA demonstrations at the AGA Shop Belfast, the quality and flavour is fantastic.

For our family Christmas dinner, we are have bought our meat (duck or goose, yet to be decided) from Greenmount, a local farm to where we live in County Armagh, where the meat is grown, butchered and beautifully packaged ready for collection.  A family business, trading for around 300 years. Most of the meat comes from the farm – and intodays society, there is a lot to be said for this.

I will keep blogging over Christmas, but I’m really looking forward to time at home, a few days off with family and friends.  And mum, don’t worry, I will help with the washing up!

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