Cooking with Roald Dahl and Rangemaster

A few years ago at a friends party I met a very interesting chap.  He told me his grandfather was Roald Dahl.  My Grandfather was a man that showed me how to garden, but imagine having a grandfather like Roald Dahl?  Bedtime stories must have been fantastic!

This Thursday it’s Roald Dahl day and Rangemaster are turning story time into meal time and get cooking as a family with Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes book.  The unique and scrumptious dishes all star in Roald Dahl’s famous books, from the BFG’s The Royal Breakfast for Growing Giants’, Matilda’s ‘Bruce Bogtrotters Cake’ to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s ‘Stickjaw for Talkative Parents’.

Rangemaster has teamed up with the Revolting Recipes series, to encourage families across the country to celebrate the splendiferous storyteller Roald Dahl, by cooking together on 13th September and beyond.

Families can download their Whizzpopping Party Packs via which includes quizzes, posters, stickers and much more.

The official Roald Dahl Day takes place every year on 13th September, the birthday of the great author whose work is read and loved by millions of children – and adults – all over the world. This year marks the seventh annual celebration, with festivities lasting throughout September and what better time to whip up a dish from the author’s book Revolting Recipes.  The theme is ‘Dream Big with the BFG’, as 2012 also celebrates the 30th anniversary of one of Roald Dahl’s most enduring characters – the Big Friendly Giant.

Well, I’m off to make that Bogtrotters Cake, you can find the recipe on Rangemaster Facebook Page

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