Do you have a restaurant in London?

I’m working on a project through which I am looking to discover the World in London.  Every country has different types of food, recipes and cooking techniques.  Food from different countries often paints the story of lands, places and people.  I believe that all of this can be found inside London; the story of the ‘World in One City‘.

Untitled-1I am on a mission to search for all of the world’s cuisines within London.  If you have a restaurant in London, would you be willing for me to interview your chef? My plan is to write about my findings in a new book I am working on and it will also be featured throughout my social media platform and those of my clients. If possible, I would like to take some pictures and do a little filming.  Credits and profile raising will all be provided in return.

Let me know the cuisine that you specialise in and perhaps we could work together on this exciting project.

All of this is to celebrate 50 years of Divertimenti, the cook shops on Brompton Road and Marylebone High Street.   Divertimenti stock cookware from across the globe and are the AGA cooker retailer for London.  I want to show global food on the best cooker in the world, and use global cookware available from Divertimenti.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to share and pass my details on to those who you feel may be interested.

One thought on “Do you have a restaurant in London?

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