Don’t Dream it, Be It.

Earlier this year I was invited by my old school at home in Northern Ireland to be the guest of honour at prize night.  At the time it seemed way in the future, now it is just six weeks away and I can honestly say it is one of the hardest speeches I have ever had to write.  I’ve spoken to huge crowds across the globe, but to kids at my old school…. now that’s tricky.  I am dyslexic.  But, I refuse to let it slow me down. I have obtained a Masters
Degree and hold the title of Best Cookbook in the world.  Thinking about that, I made my mind up about the topic for my talk to school in October. It is going to be – “Don’t dream it. Be it”

That brings me to last night’s opening ceremony of the Paralympics. I have learned from the BBC that it all started in the UK.  As did the modern day Olympiad (in the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock).  The Paralympics started in 1948 when 16 Word War II veterans competed in the Stoke Mandeville Games.  Hence the names of our Olympic and Paralympic mascots – Wenlock and Mandeville.

Dr Gustaf Dahlen invented the AGA cooker in 1922.  He was blinded in an industrial accident and then developed the AGA as he convalesced.  He found cooking ranges of the time to be too inefficient.  The new AGA Total Controlcosting only about £5 a week to run.

Dr Gustaf Dahlen, inventor of the AGA

Dr Gustaf Dahlen, inventor of the AGA

Look what Stephen Hawking has achieved in his life.  Since 1979 he has held the post of Lucasian Professor at Cambridge, the chair held by Isaac Newton in 1663 and is regarded as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein.  co-insidentially Dahlen beat Einstein to the Nobel prize first time round!  People like Dahlen and Hawking make me realise one thing.  Your only a victim if you chose to be one.

AGA Rangemaster PLC has been a long term sponsor of the Birchfield Harriers.  They have been sending athletes to the Olympics since the London 1908 Olympics and have some competitors in the Paralympics in London 2012.

I’m still supporting Inspirational Team GB. The participants there last night didn’t just dream it, they are now ‘Being It’!

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