Getting to know Angus the AGA City60

Does it have a grill?”  That was the first question Dave asked when he came over for dinner.  “HE –  Dave” was my answer.  Yes Angus the AGA City60 has a grill and also has 2 ovens, a hot plates, a warming plate and can cook everything you have ever thought of cooking.  Trust me, I’ve cooked it all!  But, there is more to Angus the AGA City60 than that!


It’s week 3 in our flat in Peckham since Angus the AGA City60 arrived , I’m blaming the extra muffin tops the German Dr and myself are sporting (fashion tip, baggy jumpers, and yes, they do match) on having cooked every recipe I know (and thats a lot) plus a few more.  Angus has settled in nicely, Gloria and Gaynor won’t be seen to go near him, but I have caught them out! Secretly, the cat’s love Angus the AGA City60.  How do I know?  Well, cat hair was sitting on top of the chef’s pad (a cloth available from AGA Cookshop to sit on top of the Angus the AGA City60 to stop the lid scratching) when we came back after a family Christmas on the farm.

Angus has a shiny chrome lid with a large hotplate underneath.  The plate is large enough to accommodate 3-4 saucepans and has 2 settings, boiling or Simmering.  When the Boiling option is selected the surrounding cast-iron around the hotplate acts as a warming plate, perfect for melting chocolate, warming dishes or leaving items to keep warm or rest.    Below is the hand rail (the AGA City60 is available in 2 options, Traditional as ours is, or a sleek design with no hand rail known as the Contemporary and they are available in 14 colours).  Below this again there are 2 ovens (but actually 3), the top can be Roasting or Baking and the bottom, Simmering.  Don’t think the ovens are small, all of the oven space can be used and they hold a colossal amount of food, the ovens are deep and trays go in longways, not sideways as other ovens do.

The AGA City60 has 2 control knobs, one for the hot plate and one for the ovens.  And don’t forget, it can be on all the time or just the hotplate or any combination of ovens and or hotplate.

Vital statistics are important and I’ve timed it to test and AGA are correct.  The hotplate heats up in 8-11 minutes and the ovens take about an hour to get to temperature, all run from a 32amp power supply.  That may sound long, but I have yet to investigate the timer to have Angus the AGA City60 on and ready when we come in from work, I’ve been too busy cooking over the Christmas holidays.  Let’s leave that for a later blog.  When turned off the lovely gentle heat oozes through our flat and keeps going for a few hours until Angus the AGA City60 is cold.  However these times are from cold and if needed, Angus heats up much quicker than the stated times when turned on again during his cool down.

So, in answer to Dave’s question, yes it does have a grill, a very powerful one at that.  In Western cooking there are 10 cooking methods, but we will discuss these in a later blog.  There is nothing that our Angus the AGA City60 won’t do.  He’s fitting well into our flat in Peckham.

Our Angus the AGA City60 is incredibly easy to use and clean.  But more about that in later blogs.  Must stop getting supermarket home deliveries as come mid March baggy jumper season is over and we need the exercise and I do prefer hoops to stripes.

Did I mention how easy it is to do the laundry with Angus the AGA City60?  When the clothes come out of the washing machine, I just fold them neatly and place on-top of Angus the AGA City60 and they dry, air and iron as he cools down.  And yup, you got it, Gloria and Gaynor the cats can be found on-top of dried clothes in the morning.  I even bought them an AGA cat bed to try and prevent this!

I will tell you more about how to use the AGA City60 in the next blog.  But before we go, here is a picture Gaynor asleep in her AGA cats bed.  It’s late as I write this and Dr Thomas is asleep too, and yes, he’s loving the packed lunches Angus makes for him.

Gaynor the Cat in AGA Cat bed

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