Great Cookers, Great Food, GREAT Britain.

I never saw myself as a van driver.  This is now year two!
It’s not any old van you know. It’s a rather special one.  It’s the ‘AGA Total Control Van‘.  As regular readers may know, last summer I drove all over the UK to food festivals with an AGA Total Control in the back of my van.  And what a great summer it was, I even ended up buying an AGA Total Control.  The AGA Rangemaster Cookery Theatre appears at many events across the UK every year. It is a superb theatre highlighting British manufacturing at its best.  AGA is made in Shropshire and Rangemaster in Leamington Spa.  Those of us with an AGA know of its many benefits and the quality of the food it cooks. It is true to say that life revolves around a Rangemaster as it is Britain’s number 1 range cooker.  In fact the company which is now  AGA Rangemaster invented the world’s first range cooker in 1830 on the very same site that Rangemaster cookers are manufactured today.  There are more Rangemaster Cookers in British homes than any other range cooker.  This is British manufacturing at it’s best!  And it is combined with the best TV Chefs, Cookery Writers and Michelin Chefs in the UK taking part in AGA Rangemaster cookery theatres across the UK. Oh, I’m in for a summer of fun!  For those that know me, fun is what I do best.
Showcasing my country this year gives me great pride. I am proud of the manufacturing I represent; I am proud of my country and I am proud of the excellent food we produce as a nation.  To compete on a world stage, as we are with the Olympics this year, we need to be well equipped to feed Team GB.  I’m confident that we can do it well.
The British Government have launched the GREAT campaign to promote the UK abroad and AGA Rangemaster PLC are backing this.  The hope of the GREAT campaign is to deliver long-term economic benefits to the world.  As William McGrath – the CEO of AGA Rangemaster PLC says “Cooking is AGA Rangemaster’s specialist subject. Great food relies on three things: ingredients; recipes; heat.  The third is an engineering question, to which AGA and Rangemaster cookers provide the very best solution to ensure Food is Great Britain”
So off I go! Come and see me this weekend at the Foodies Festival, Hampton Court and see the Best of British food, cooked on the Best of British manufacturing.
Lets all help and LIKE GREAT Britain on Facebook And Come and see me and my van!

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