How the AGA Cooker Became an Icon

AGA have launched a new publication entitled ‘How the AGA Cooker Became an Icon‘, it offers a fascinating insight into a particular period in time when an élite group of people came together and changed the way we live forever.

Untitled-1Having undertaken an archiving project with Birmingham City University, the team at AGA was thrilled to discover a host of fascinating historical documents, which ultimately led to this publication. Most of the material centres on the 1930s to the 1950s.

The inter-war years saw rapid change in the domestic lives of affluent Britons. The cook and the maid became a memory and the housewife found her role changing to one that was much more hands on.

Because of this, the role and design of the kitchen changed beyond recognition and there was a sudden interest in cookery books and demonstrations. ‘How the AGA Cooker Became an Icon’ charts this social change and the team at AGA that played a pivotal role in bringing it about. The team – brought together by AGA Managing Director W.T. Wren – featured names such as advertising guru David Ogilvy, artist Lawrence Wright, renowned kitchen designer Dorothy Braddell, the original celebrity chef, Ambrose Heath and designer of the Routemaster bus Douglas Scott.

The enduring success of the AGA cooker is founded in the company’s ability to ensure the cooker has evolved with the times without losing any of its appeal. The AGA cooker still produces delicious food cooked using radiant heat, but technology has moved on to ensure the flexibility and fuel economy a modern family needs.

We aim now is to develop further export markets and turn the AGA cooker into a global icon.

You can purchase the book HERE

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