I need Ribena, not a Doctor

I’m sorry for the delay in writing posts, it’s been busier than normal here in the posh part of Peckham.  Angus has been trying on new outfits, Dr Thomas has been avoiding 50 Shades and I have been either travelling for work or spending 10 days in bed with the flu.


Never again will I state I have the flu when I have snivels or an ache.  The flu is not a laughing matter.  It’s a very painful present that I think Dr T brought home from hospital one day.  Even with the electric blanket (Dual Control, if you don’t mind – like Angus’ bigger  brother) on, I could not get warm.  I hate electric blankets.  Dr Thomas loves them.  I’m more of a t-shirt and a pair of ‘funky’ M&S checked pj bottoms (funky and M&S in the same sentence, stranger things have happened, like George Osbourn’s pre-election budget).  Putting my nocternal fashions aside, as they have been my ‘day wear’ for the past 10 days I did not get to see Angus, rather I froze with Angus on, the heating on, the electric blanket on and every jumper and pair of trousers I owned.  I could not stop shivering.

As I lay in my bed with Gloria and Gaynor the cats looking at me as if they were waiting for my funeral, I realised a few things.  One, the text messages from Dr Thomas’s consulting room were peeving.  I had to report in on my temp (39C for 5 days!), measure this that and the other from my urine.  German’s are efficient, that we know, but this is home, not the Krankenhaus (German for hospital, name says it all really!).  All I wanted was Ribena.  Two, TV is woefully, there is nothing worth watching.  We don’t own a TV, we don’t miss it, there is little on it that adds value to ones life.

During this I was reminded by Confucius, he said “He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skills of the physician”.  How true.  And my own personal physician brought soup from M&S home on day one for me, it was lovely but when ill a man does not want mint and beetroot soup.  Plain vegetable or chicken would have been great.  By night 2, Dr T had boiled up a chicken carcus, made a thick chicken and vegetable soup in Angus’ Simmering Oven.

And if you wanted to know, Dr Thomas wears blue and white striped pyjamas, from M&S, ironically.  He looks just like a German McCleans’ toothpaste advert.  Dr Thomas, you could not have been better to me, thank you for being nurse of the century.  As I will be away over Easter, enjoy your ‘One Direction’ Easter Egg (from Lidl), I know you won’t read this until Easter Sunday.  Said egg is under my t-shirts in the wardrobe.

All will be revealed next week about Angus Spring clothing collection.

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