James in China

I’ve been travelling to China since 2009, presenting TV and writing cookery books out there as well as bringing the Best of the UK to China.  This week I’m going to launch AGA cookers in China.  What a privilege to be the man who launches this Great British product in the Far East.  Can I help you with your brand in China?


One hundred million have seen me on TV in China, it’s a show called ‘Day Day Up’, China’s biggest watched TV show by Hunan TV.  You can see my performance HERE, that coupled with my TV series Food Adventures on the Silk Road 2 has made me a household name in China.  My TV work has won many awards in China, including Best TV series at the China TV and Radio Awards in 2011 and Best Food TV presenter in the world 2013 at the Gourmand Food TV Awards.  You can find out more information on my website, you can even watch me on Air China international flights.

Those TV ratings sound a bit high, but it’s not the UK we are in, there are 1.6 billion people in China and many have little to do at night other than watch TV.  Wikipedia, the New York Times talk about the size of this show and what a fun day I had on this series.

I consult for restaurants in China too, can I help you or your brand?  To download my China Guide for FREE or to find out more about my work in China and how I can help your brand in the Far East click here.

See you in the Far East!





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