Move over Banksy, there is an AGA in Peckham

The palm trees may be on display in Peckham, Banksy may have a new mural on a wall somewhere in London, but although Angus the AGA City60 does the best toast in Peckham he is not responsible for the Toast Taj Mahal found on a street over the weekend in Peckham.

Don’t blame Dr Thomas or myself, we are not in our beloved Peckham, we are in Germany visiting Angus’ brother, Andreas the AGA.  It’s time to visit the in-laws and Gloria and Gaynor the cats have moved out to stay with our neighbours.

Since the days of ‘Only Fools and Horses‘ on BBC, Peckham has changed much.  In the 4 years I have been there I’ve noticed huge change, it’s so close to Central London and was one of the last places to change.  So much so that it is now über trendy, has a bar on top of a multi-story car-park and much more besides.  Not forgetting the trendy Belenden Road that has become a beacon for any self respecting foodie.

Things happen in Peckham, yes, some bad stuff happened in the past with the riots, but then again they also happened in posh Clapham.  Peckham is the new Shoreditch, however it’s gone further than that, it’s a melting pot of colour and culture and world food at it’s best.  Not only is it famous for it’s African food, but there is my favourite, Persepolis owned by a fellow food writer I know.  A true Aladdin’s cave of food.

Banksy may have produced an interesting political image this week that was shown on the news in Germany about one of the political parties in the UK.  I wish it was on my wall, that bit of concrete would have been worth a fortune, but it just goes to show, vandalism also occurs in North London, a place I find does not have the warmth and community of South East London that many do despise.  However, over the weekend Peckham received it’s very own ‘exclusive’ art on the street.  A Taj Mahal made entirely out of toast.  Who did it?  What message is it trying to convey?  Is toast against a wall as valuable as a Banksy?  Is toast technically vandalism?  Would this happen in North London?  Answers on a postcard dear readers.

It is without dispute that AGA makes the best toast in the world, crunchy on the outside and smooth in the middle.  I assure you that this artistic installation was not made using Angus the AGA City60.  As residents of Peckham (the posh part) this is not our doing.  However, secretly I wish it was.

Bread was discussed yesterday in Germany as we took a walk in the Black Forest.  At that point the last remnants of my child hood innocence was shattered.  I realised that the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ was a lie, a creation that was not true.  You see, German bread is dark, the same colour as the forest floor.  Those poor children would never have found their way home by leaving a trail of breadcrumbs.  If only they had an iPhone and GPS, but then the story would not have been the same.

Moral of today’s story, if you want fab toast use an AGA like Angus.  And yes there are palm trees in Peckham, a whole row of them, next to the bus station.


Toast Taj Mahal in Peckham

Toast Taj Mahal in Peckham. Image from



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