National Duck Day – AGA cleaning made easy

Believe it or not, yesterday was National Duck day.  ‘What‘, I hear you ask, and yet, like my head I hear you say “sure, there is a day for everything“.  Quite.  But, Angus the AGA City60 was dressed up for the day.  Naughty Dr Thomas.


Dr Thomas’ daily routine starts at 5am.  You know, Doctors don’t have it easy.  They work to help others yet others don’t treat them too good.  Too often Dr Thomas gets home at 9pm after a day on the ward as there are too many patients to see, often when a GP will do.  As I say, “If your not bleeding, you don’t need seeing“.

Dr Thomas is a gente man at heart and in his actions, a man who is good and kind and puts his patients first.  German humour I hear you say, oh it exists, and it’s bountiful.  I woke up at 6am to find Angus dressed up for National Duck day.

What is national Duck Day I hear you ask?  I don’t know either, but Ernie and Burt seem to know.  Yes, our bathtub is lined with Rubber Ducks, mainly nabbed from hotel bathrooms on my word travels.  However if you look carefully you will see a German duck on top of  Angus’ lid.  This begs the question, how do you cook duck in the AGA.  And as duck is so fatty and the AGA City60 self cleaning I like it – no mess, no splatter and Angus the AGA City60 even cleans up after himself.  And as for the outside, just give the AGA City60 a wipe.

You see, Patrick my friend is coming for lunch next week, Patricks jobs is to turn ladies from drab to fab.  He presents on QVC for a ladies fashion brand called “Quacker Factory” and naturally a duck is their logo.  Patrick is one of a quacking kind and I’m sure you will love the exploits of next Tuesdays lunch.  Patrick lives his life by the tag line of “sparkle and shine” and our AGA does too!  He’s gleaming.  Here is a little promo of Patrick.  Quacktabulous.

More importantly, let’s have a duck song for today.  But Angus the AGA, I’m so fond of you and I’m lucky that your mine and I’m awfully fond of you.

And as for Angus….


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