Peckham Spring Water

When you have young ears in the home it’s best to use words you don’t want them to repeat.  Angus the AGA City60 is the grand old age of 4 weeks now.  What most people have not realised is that if AGA cookers had ears, the things they would hear.  Life and home revolves around the AGA, and it’s the same in our flat too, Angus the AGA City60 hears everything…. but not last night, the floor needed bleaching.


Yesterday Angus the AGA City60 heard me use a four letter word. And it was not polite nor gentlemanly.  As I went to fill the kettle to make some Peckham Spring water I saw a dead mouse next to Angus.

It could be claimed it’s very middle class to have an AGA.  I would not dispute this, but quite simply, I am.  Middle class that is.  Dr Thomas and I are a middle class modern day gay couple living in a flat in Peckham (the posh part).  We are both Fellows of Royal institutions.  We don’t class ourselves as “social climbers“, but I refuse to fly economy.  If we were social climbers I would insist Dr Thomas contacted the German equivalent of Deed Poll to change his name from Herr to ‘Herr Von‘ – they don’t use ‘Mister’ in Germany, so Dad’s Army got the song wrong!  Or, we would get married and I would have the grand title of “Frau Doctor“.  Neither Von nor Frau appeal to me.  Neither is going to happen.  But we love Angus the AGA City60 just the same.  You see, in Germany ones name does not change by default upon marriage as it does in the UK.  And as for double barrelled names, no.  Master Angus McIntosh will have to do.

Last night Angus the AGA City60 had a night off cooking as his 2 dad’s needed to ‘talk’ (we went out to have a Curry) – Gloria cat came out of the closet (finally) and offended me by bringing a mouse home, I was not best pleased, and during my working hours too!  Dr Thomas kindly placed the deceased into our mortuary, (commonly known as the wheelie bin).  I had words with Gloria cat when we came home that she should go back into the closet again.  She is still there, purring as cats do, sitting on-top of a rug next to some bottles of Peckham Spring Water.

Peckham Springs Water, Image courtesy of

Yes, I created the home made Peckham Spring Water in the cupboard.  Why?  To stop the new iron scaling up.  It only takes under 2 minutes with a good AGA Kettle to boil a pint of water with Angus the AGA, it’s not that fast with any other hob or even an electric kettle.

And yes, the jokes I’m receiving about stating I live in “the Posh Part of Peckham” on my Facebook page are quite uncalled for, yet hillarious.  Albeit there is a tower block one street across, is it Nelson Mandela House?  We don’t know.  We live in a ‘Yuppy Love Straße‘ a suburban middle class triangle between the Fire Station, The Salvation Army HQ and the Maudsley Mental Heath establishment – merely one postcode away from Dulwich with a view over the Shard.  But, then again, who in London can’t see the Shard from their kitchen window?  Mind you, having a mouse in the house I would jump over the Shard to escape from it.

Kitchen floor is now bleached, time for bed.  Night Angus.

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