Shanghai Surprise

I’m showing my age now.  Shanghai Surprise was a movie with Madonna and Sean Penn in 1986.  I was 8 then.  Angus the AGA City60 was not born then, Dr Thomas was still living in Germany.  I was living on the farm in Northern Ireland with a 2 Oven Green oil fired AGA.  It had a flue, the days of flues and AGA are long over.  Now I have launched AGA in China I’ve flown from Beijing to Shanghai to stay with friends for the weekend and have some meetings.  Dr Thomas phoned me with such a surprise about Angus when I arrived in Shanghai…


Many in the West don’t fully understand the size of China, and thats ok, the UK is relatively small in comparison.  An example being I took a flight from Beijing to Shanghai, of which there are many every day.  It’s only a 2 hour flight, if that was the from the UK it would be the distance of London to Munich and when you look on a map it’s only a small area in China between the 2 cities.  It would be a relatively small plane like an Boeing 737 for that flight in Europe.  The Air China plane was full on this short trip, it was a Boeing 777.  Hot lunch was provided, on the flight and yes, the option was ‘chicken or beef’, all be it, Chinese style.

I’m spending the weekend in Shanghai with a dear couple Dr Thomas and I knew from London, James and Patric who have moved here for work.  A couple of ex-pats from the Old Kent Road.  After dinner last night (we had an Indian, and yes the menu had numbers next to the dishes!) and a few 7th Heaven tracks to dance to around my friends apartment after introducing them to Shortcross Gin we decided to visit the local gay bar.  What fun we had and I met many ex-pats, including some from Northern Ireland and they were playing 7th Heaven remixes to a Chinese audience.  It was like the good old days in London before gay became metrosexual and the fun left.  Personally I’m a gastrosexual, and an opinionated one at that, I will try any food, and that is brave in China, for some of the more ‘delicious’ things one is offered.  I have 3 rules for food in China:

1) is it beige, then it could be safe to eat

2) does it move when I touch it with my chopstick?

3) eat, swallow and smile for the TV camera.

I was missing Dr Thomas who has not done as told and fixed the decking as promised.  He had other things on his mind.  He had dropped his Kindle in some water.  I informed him Angus could help, simply turn the Simmering Oven on for an hour, open the door and turn the Simmering Oven off.  Place the Kindle on a baking tray and with the door open leave the Kindle in the oven as it cools down, checking it every few minutes.  Kindle is working again.  But as he opened the door of the Simmering Oven, he found it, Angus the AGA City60 had a baby.  A beautiful little pink AGA.

(Please note the AGA tin is not suitable for use in the Oven and is intended as a biscuit tin).

Even in Shanghai Angus the AGA surprised me.  Next stop Hong Kong.  As Dr Thomas said to me, Ich liebe dich AGA.  Quite right too.

If you would like a baby AGA tin visit your local AGA shop or


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