The AGA Man – no not me, Pete Digby

The only marathon I have ever completed was the peanut sort before the name was changed to snickers.  I thought I was the king of ensuring an AGA popped up in odd places.  Meet, Pete Digby.  He’s running the London Marathon this year, and you guess it, he’s pulling an AGA, all 250Kg of it for the 26.4 miles.  Last week I met Pete at a press reception at Divertimenti.

Untitled-2An AGA is not just a cooker as any owner will tell you.  After 10 years of AGA demonstrations across the globe I’m always taken back by how the uses customers tell me they have for their AGA.  This one, is the best I have ever heard.

Pete is famous for advertising white goods at the London Marathon, last year he completed the event with a washing machine strapped to his back.  This year he is pulling the AGA that is on wheels with a special harness and wants to complete this jaunt in 6 hours 45 minutes.

Now a policeman in London, Pete was in the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment, said he came up with the idea of running with three different white goods to raise the profile of his chosen charity, the Afghanistan Trust. The trust supports Parachute Regiment soldiers who have served in Afghanistan and their families.

William McGrath, Chief Executive of AGA Rangemaster Group, said: “The modern, flexible AGA cooker can go anywhere in the kitchen and Pete’s run shows that, for the right cause, it can can go anywhere, even along the Mall. We wish Pete the very best of luck and really look forward to seeing him compete.”

A harness has been specially designed to make sure the weight of the cooker is well distributed and Pete will also be running with a ‘brake man’ to ensure he can stop quickly if required. Pete – who has named the AGA cooker Agatha – said: “I’m really looking forward to this challenge. I have become known for running with white goods, having done so with a fridge and a washing machine. A cooker was the next obvious choice. I wanted it to be extra special and also extra challenging, which is why I chose an iconic AGA cooker.”

Last year Pete raised £10,000 and this year he wants to raise more.

To sponsor Pete click his Just Giving page HERE

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