The biggest AGA ever!

When the AGA Total Control launched in 2011 it was a game changer for AGA, an AGA that cooks like an AGA, behaves like an AGA and can also be turned on and off as and when required.  The quality of food an AGA produces is the best that can be achieved as the radiant heat from the cast iron walls of the ovens seal the food on the outside, keeping the juices in the middle so food always tastes better and has more moisture.  The AGA Total Control cooks in exactly the same way.  Earlier this year the AGA iTotal Control launched and it can now be operated remotely by smartphone, text message or via the web.

Next month we see the launch of the 5 Oven AGA Total Control, it’s the same size as a classic AGA 4 Oven, but with much more versatility the current 3 Oven AGA Total Control.  It comes with a Roasting Oven, Baking Oven, Warming Oven, Simmering Oven and now a Slow Cooking Oven.

The exciting addition of a slow cooking oven makes this new model perfect for those with a large family or anyone who simply loves to cook.

The slow cooking oven is ideal for dishes such as shoulder or leg of lamb, steamed puddings, casseroles and stocks.The slow cooking oven and the warming oven operate together via a switch on the cooker. And as well as the two hotplates, there is a useful warming plate.

The roasting oven, baking oven and simmering oven can be operated independently of each other, as can each of the two hotplates.These can also be controlled via a remote control, the integral touch-screen panel or – in the case of iTotal Control model – with a PC or tablet or via a mobile phone using text or the AGA app.

With the same iconic design as the traditional AGA range, these two new cookers are a joy to live with whatever the season and the slumber feature also ensures they are warm to the touch, even when the ovens aren’t fully up to temperature.

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