The Birthday party – ich liebe dich AGA

This weekend was the first time most of our friends saw our new arrival in our flat in Peckham, Angus the AGA City60 got more attention than Dr Thomas.  And to think it was his big day.  As they say in German alles Gute zum Geburtstag.


Like any good birthday party, children at a party should be well dressed, quiet and seen and not heard.  I polished Angus so his enamelled black exterior was nice and shiny, but as quiet as he is (completely silent) I wanted him to be seen.

Dinner was straight forward, just a roast leg of lamb, very easy to cook in Angus the AGA City60.  All you need to do is place the leg into a roasting tray that comes with the AGA City60 into the top oven with the setting pre-heated to Roast for 30 minutes and then pop the leg of lamb into the Simmering Oven for the rest of the cooking time.  Cooking times with AGA are the same as any other cooker, 15 minutes per 500g and another 15 minutes for beef, lamb and pork and 20 minutes per 500g and another 20 minutes for all poultry.  No need to cover as the cast iron ovens seal the meat on all sides due to the radiant heat.  Cooking in this way means that all of the meat is sealed without having to do it on top, less effort for me, the cook.  So after resting post cooking the meat is squirting with juice when the knife is inserted for carving.  A nice juicy roast.  And AGA is famous for their roasts.  Naturally, after realising the benefits of AGA Bake-O-Glide my tray was lined with Bake-O-Glide so it was so easy to wash up.

A few roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese; as I have not had this retro white ball in years, broccoli, gravy (but we will keep that for another blog, gravy is so so easy on the AGA, I don’t mean granules, I mean proper gravy), Yorkshire Puddings and a birthday cake.

The AGA City60 hotplate is not like any AGA hotplate in size, in-fact its actually a bit bigger than the classic heat storage AGA cookers.  It has 2 settings, Boiling or Simmering.  When on Boiling the surrounding cast iron acts as a lovely warming plate where I was able to heat the sauce boat for the gravy, warm the home made mint sauce and melt the chocolate for the birthday cake without the faff of a bain marie.  The hotplate comfortably holds 3 pans, but with AGA its a bit different and quite clever.  General rule of thumb, if it grows below the ground then bring the pan to the boil, drain off the water and place into the Simmering Oven to cook, well steam actually.  The vegetables cook through perfectly in 20 minutes (same length of time as on top), but if left for up to an hour in the Simmering Oven they won’t overcook, carrots taste as they should.  Every bit of Angus was used, on top and inside too.

As Dr Thomas was having a birthday I washed the dishes.  Everyone left, empty wine bottles strewn across my en-suite sized kitchen and many dishes to be done.  Half a cake left, Dr Thomas suggested we located Rodney or Del Boy to continue the party.  After all we live in Peckham.  We don’t know where they live, as Dr Thomas dried the grater from the cheese he gave me a little smile saying “Nelson Mandela House can’t be that far away” as he pressed hard on the little squares on the grater.  Alas, even at 4 in the morning, none were about while using this kitchen app.  Oh well, perhaps we will get lucky next time.  It’s amazing with you can do in an en-suite sized kitchen in Peckham.  Dr Thomas exclaimed in German “ich liebe dich AGA“.

Oh I nearly forgot.  I’m sure you want to see Dr Thomas’ Birthday cake.

Dr Thomas' Birthday Cake

Dr Thomas’ Birthday Cake made in Angus the AGA City60

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