The Mary Berry Story

I’ve blogged about Mary Berry before, a charming lady who is to AGA cooking what the Queen is to England.  I was delighted to receive an email from Mary last week informing me that her life story is being depicted in a 2 part series on BBC 2image002

An intimate two-part documentary tells the story of much-loved cookery writer and broadcaster Mary Berry.

Mary shares her personal milestones in her life, and introduces us to some of her favourite recipes and talks candidly about the highs and lows of a lifetime spent teaching the nation to cook.

In the first programme Mary charts her life from a childhood in war torn Bath, through her polio scarred school days and first domestic science lessons, to her early career int he 1960’s.

In the second programme, Mary finds a growing appetite for her recipes leads to stellar book publishing and then broadcasting career, and The Great British Bake Off introduces her brand of home cooking to a whole new generation.

BBC2 at 8pm on Tuesday 29th January and Tuesday 5th February.

One thought on “The Mary Berry Story

  1. Mary is truly a cookery legend. Her recipes always work and she is such a nice person.
    Many years ago I worked with her and if I ever sent her any press cuttings which mentioned her, I always received a thank-you postcard from her. She gave me a giant jar of Spanish Green Olives for my 21st birthday and I have loved olives ever since!

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