The truth about cooking

I read lots of blogs in my daily routine.  I find them the place where I can get my daily info, cutting edge info, people’s thoughts, comments on trends and the development of trends in food and cooking as they appear.  Many people in food write lots about cooking, combinations about new food ideas (we call these recipes) and how one ingredients changes a dish from another.
I think this is only two thirds of the story.  What I find is that people are forgetting an important factor about cooking and that is the physics.In 1951 a lady called Sheila Hibben wrote a book in the USA called “The AGA Cookbook”.  It was the first ever AGA book specifically for the USA.  In this Sheila wrote about the 3 factors that affect cooking.
1) the use of the correct ingredients
2) the correct mix of these ingredients
3) the correct application of heat
Point 3 is dear to my heart.  Being the Brand Ambassador for AGA Rangemaster PLC a lot of my time involves explaining about the correct application of heat.  I find this critical when cooking.  For example, we all know when frying that if the oil is not hot enough the food goes greasy and soggy. We also know that if an oven is too cold a cake will dome on top and be raw in the middle. Also, if it’s too hot then the cake will burn on top and be darkly coloured.  So enter my 3 heroes.
1) Sidney Flavel.  He invented the world’s first cooker in Royal Leamington Spa, the site where Rangemaster Cookers are now made. He created a product called “The Kitchener” where food is cooked in a separate compartment to the heat.  He removed ‘sooty’ food from our cuisine!
2) Albert Depuy. He invented the “Vaulted Oven” to promote ‘natural convection’ during cooking.  This meant no hotspots, no cold spots, just even heat and browning.  His products are a brand called La Cornue and owned by AGA Rangemaster
3) Gustaf Dahlen. He invented the AGA cooker where all of the cooking zones are at the correct temperature for cooking each of the 10 cooking principles required for our methods of cooking:
1) Grilling
2) Boiling
3) Baking
4) Roasting
5) Simmering
6) Stir-Frying
7) Steaming
8) Stewing
9) Toasting
10) Frying
So, looking at food trends, obtaining ingredients from a particular field in the middle of Asia or only buying organic is only one part of the story.  The Physicists have a part to play too and I’m glad they have all come together under AGA Rangemaster PLC to produce the correct heat for the best food.

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