Tie a Donkey to the Ceiling – Happy Cinco de Mayo

Regular readers will wonder why Mexico is featured in my blog about all things British. Well there is a reason and it is all to do with Great British Cookers. Have I lost my marbles? Perhaps. Let’s start at the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start.

Untitled-4One night a few years back I was invited to my friend Carlos’ party. Carlos lives in London yet comes from NYC. I arrived to find his flat covered in bunting, bottles of tequila, limes, salt (NEVER a good combo!) and a cardboard donkey pinned to the ceiling – a Piñata. The whole idea is that one ‘whacks’ the donkey until sweets (or candy as Carlos would say) falls out. I see Marks and Spencer have one this year in the shape of a royal crown!

Two years ago today I landed in San Francisco to launch the AGA PRO+. I have to tell you that jet-lag and I are not friends so to recover I went out to find the local bar. I recognised the decorations instantly. Low and behold I had walked into a Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebration. I avoided the Tequila…

Today I’m at the Foodies Festival in Hampton Court. It may be wet but lots of people are here. I’m here with the AGA Total Control Van showing Great British Manufacturing. The AGA Total Control is a fabulous cooker. AGA cooked food always tastes better due to the moist, radiant heat that comes from the cast iron ovens. This seals the food on the outside and that keeps the juices on the inside. No other oven in my experience can do this as well. AGA cookers used to have to be always switched on which does exude a beautiful heat into the home. The AGA Total Control can be turned off when you want and then it heats up again quickly. It is a thoroughly versatile AGA to match any lifestyle. I love mine.

Looking around the show today I am looking at some fabulous food products. At many shows it’s the same thing but this year I’ve found two heroes. One is Cupcake-A-licious. What’s so new about cupcakes I hear you say? Well, just look at the pictures below.

The other food producer is Sweet Trees, the name says it all. A lovely family company and this is so original. Have a look.

After marveling at the cupcakes and sweet trees I walked back to the AGA Rangemaster Cookery Theatre to welcome Levi Roots on stage. It was all happening! And then as I turned round I saw an enchilada stand. So a little bit of Cinco de Mayo in Hampton Court.





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