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My London World Food Project is going great.  I’m finding the hidden gems of global food in the city I live in.  After last weeks trip to Fika to learn about Swedish food, Totally Swedish, the Marylebone branch (there is another branch in Barnes High Street) got in touch to teach me more about Swedish food.


TotallySwedish as the name suggests is a shop full of Swedish food.  Living in London I miss the foods I grew up with in Northern Ireland like Tayto Crisps.  Nothing ever compares to the flavours we grew up with for the taste of Home.

With a mixture of food, drinks, bakery, household products and seasonal products I was given a great tour of what foods are TotallySwedish.  Blåbär 100% is a freshly squeezed blueberry drink from the Swedish forests.  Each bottle contains about  2,300 hand picked blueberries.  It’s alcohol free and tastes just like a mouthful of blueberries.

I see cheeses and crisp-breads everywhere, Swedish sweets and dried meats.  And there I see my childhood obsession – picked herrings.  I buy a tub and eat them all in one go, pickled in dill, melt in the mouth flavour and a perfect accompaniment to the crisp bread.

On an aside, this is the only place I have found in London that sells fresh yeast.

I tell the crew at TotallySwedish about making the Kladkaka in Fika.  I’m given a gluten free Kladkaka to take home.  It’s frozen and tastes just as good as the one I had in Fika.  Quite something for a gluten free product to taste like the gluten alternative.

And as for Plopp, well it’s a chocolate bar with a toffee filling.

Totally Swedish has cardboard Easter eggs, and I’m informed that at easter time the witches fly to the blue mountains and children are given cardboard easter eggs that open and are filled with sweets.

To be a country not far from the UK, I’m learning lots about sweden. I think I really need a press trip to go there.

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