Two blokes and an AGA. Breakfast with Gaynor cat.

It’s back to work after the Christmas holidays in our flat in Peckham!  Doom and gloom, cooked breakfast to cheer us up.  Gaynor the cat is on top of Angus the AGA.  Gloria the other cat is hiding in the cupboard – she always does that.  


Today’s blog was supposed to be about how to use Angus the AGA City60, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  There has been a scandal in our flat in Peckham and Gaynor the cat is for the dog house (if we had one, Dr T won’t allow me a dog, I want a Dachshund called Ludvig!).

Back to work day for Dr Thomas today so I thought he deserved a cooked breakfast, he was none too happy as he grabbed his stethoscope this am on his way to the ward.

AGA cooking is a great way to reduce fat (remember Dr T and I are wearing matching baggy jumpers wanting to wear hoops this summer, not stripes), I would argue it’s one of the healthiest ways to cook as no oil is needed during cooking, not even for lubrication to stop food sticking.  AGA have thought of it all over the years and a great product called Bake-O-Glide that is a re-usable non-stick and makes washing up so much easier and it lasts for ages, not only that it is cut to the correct size for the trays and hotplate of the AGA.  I placed a piece into the small roasting tray that comes with the AGA, placed some mushrooms and tomatoes on top, placed in the grill rack on top with sausages on top again.  This was placed onto the top set of runners in Angus the AGA City60’s top oven with the knob set to roast.  Dave you will be pleased to know that Angus has a grill, its the top of the top oven as there is a huge bit of cast-iron the heat radiates from.  Sounds manly 😉   I left Angus to pre-heat while I was in the shower and after 20 minutes breakfast was ready for Dr Thomas before he went on his daily expedition of “call the midwife“.  Well, actually, midwifery is not his forté, but you get the point.

A large Bake-O-Glide circle comes in the pack of Bake-O-Glide I bought form AGA London and I placed that on Angus’ hot plate, cracked an egg and put the lid down.  Within moments cooked breakfast was ready with a  fat free fried egg.  Yummy.  Washing up was so easy, just place all in dishwasher.  If I had one.  (Remember my kitchen is the size of an en-suite – not like the big kitchens you see in most AGA pictures.  Remember Angus is only 60 cm wide and fits nicely into my worktop and the perfect size for my pokey kitchen.)  So a quick lick with a cloth with hot soapy water and all was clean.

I forgot to mention the toast, Angus the AGA City60 produces the best toast ever.  FACT.  If you don’t believe me, come over and have a slice.  The AGA Toaster looks like a snow shoe, just heat it up on the hotplate, add the toast, put the lid down and in about 30 seconds turn it over –  perfect toast, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Hard butter?  Angus the AGA City60 dealt with that too, I placed the butter next to the hotplate when I started cooking breakfast.  Nice and soft for spreading, not melted.

Dr T gulped breakfast down, grabbed his fold up bike (I know, you can find him in Lidl with it in the trolly next to the shopping), but like Angus the AGA City60 it’s bijoux and does not take up too much space in our flat.  However Angus, I must say looks so much better than Brunhilda the bike.  Off to work, came home asked “whats for dinner?”  I had not got that far, a busy food writer is always doing things to make a crust or too, so Dr T had a go at cooking dinner.  I will tell you more about the “Curious incident of the AGA Shelf in the Night” tomorrow.

So, back to the subject line.  Angus our AGA City60 made a new friend today.  There she was on Angus’ post breakfast cool down proud as punch.  Gaynor cat was sitting on top of the AGA Chefs Pad Angus was adoring.


Gaynor on top of Angus the AGA City60

Gaynor on top of Angus the AGA City60


I ask myself, would  Ludvig the dog sit on top of Angus the AGA when I need to cook?  I’m tempted.  Remember, just like getting Angus – forgiveness is easier than permission.  Sorry Dr T, but I would love a doggie too.

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