Überraschung! The Daily Mail has confused Angus the AGA

A Romantic night for 2 occurs between Dr Thomas and I every now and again.  Finally I’m jet lag free, my favourite German Dr and I had a night out in Soho for dinner and a proper catchup.  Other couples give each other flowers, chocolates and meet at restaurants, last night we met in the Krankenhaus (German for Hospital).  Charming.  Well, if we are playing this game, I’m so providing the chocolates.  Kinder Surprise or Kinder Überraschung as Dr Thomas calls it.  And what an Überraschung we had!  Dr Thomas ended up having a ‘HooHa’.  Now, it’s not every day a German Dr in London has a HooHa, is it?

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Every morning at 7am Dr Thomas leaves our flat in Yuppy Valley Straße (Peckham, the Posh part) with his fold up bike, it’s just like living in a Central European episode of ‘Call the Midwife‘ to treat the lame and afflicted.  He does it with much love.  Every night we talk about the NHS, the backbone of the UK and Angus the AGA City60 hears it all.  AGA cookers seem to do that.  Other people say ‘if walls had ears‘.  AGA owners know different.  You see, one does not flock naturally to a wall or indeed a radiator to talk to others.  The natural position in our flat to talk is next to Angus the AGA.  We don’t even think about it, everything happens around Angus.  He hears EVERYTHING!  Friends, colleagues and family visit.  Angus knows it all.  Angus is part of our family, that’s why he has a name.  The washing machine does not have a name, neither does the iron.  An AGA makes a house a home.  Just like Gloria and Gaynor, our cats, the special people in our family, Angus also has a name.

As dinner for 2 progressed last night I wanted a night off the NHS and German sounding words.  I wanted to discuss the Daily Mail.  Please, don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy it, Google Alerts sent it to me.  An article entitled: How posh are YOU? The 15 household items only the upper middle classes own revealed.  Etiquette expert William Hanson talks about what is good for the upper middle classes.  He say’s it’s a ‘no no’ to have quilted toilet roll, that it’s a ‘tad suspect’ to have a leather sofa rather than a fabric one and coasters and mug trees are not to be endured.  Mind you, he does live in Manchester.  He makes the point that an AGA shows your in a house of good standing.  Which we are.  I followed his quiz in the Daily Mail and scored a grand 6 out of 14.  Supposedly that makes us ‘middle middle’ class.  Even Dr Thomas declared this an Überraschung.  You see, we disagree:

  1. zero waste in our house, all is recycled
  2. we don’t own a TV
  3. we have private club membership and both have professional honours
  4. I’m caesarian.  Surely that’s upper middle class at least? However, coupled with the fact I was born on the same day as YMCA launched in the UK charts this point may not gain me extra social status.

But what does it matter?  We don’t keep up with the Jones’ or the Müllers’.  That does not appeal to us. We treat everyone fairly and do our bit to reduce waste and be good stewards of what we have.  Angus knows all of this, he’s electric, on when we need him and the centre of our home.  We don’t have an AGA to be posh, we have one because he’s part of our family.

Then the news came in,  Justin Bieber has an arrest warrant out against him in Argentina.  I won’t even tell you the HooHa that Dr Thomas went through at the table in Soho over this news!

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