Why I Hate Mashed Potato Sandwiches

When I started this blog I wrote about my flat mate at university eating mashed potato sandwiches.  I’ve had the equivalent number of people read my blog to fill 163 Boeing 747’s.

Untitled-1My blog is full of useful information.  Blogs about my journey through my world food travels, the launch of my cookery books, winning the Gourmand World Cookbook Award –  Stroies about when I  travelled through China co-presenting “Food Adventures on the Silk Road II“, when I visited the USA to launch the AGA Pro+ and then did the same in Canada. When I launched my iPhone App and then more recently my last journey in China. Then my role as AGA Rangemaster Brand Ambassador, my love of Beefeater London Dry Gin and how I am an Ambassador for British Food and Manufacturing….  plus a lot more!

Guess which blog got more interest?  Yes, you’ve guessed it – Mashed Potato Sandwiches!

What this shows me is 2 things:
1) what is the nation eating if they search for mashed potato sandwiches?
2) how good WordPress is at indexing content.

So, what’s your favourite sandwich?

I’m off to my extended living room now, The Oval Lounge for a yummy steak and roasted flat mushroom sandwich. With horseradish, naturally, but without mashed potato!

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