Why I love toast.

Toast.  I think it’s the ultimate in comfort food.  Warm toast smothered in slated English butter.  Margarine does not give the same result.  To make toast, you need radiant heat.  Simply thats what a toaster or grill does, evenly heats the starch in the bread turning it a brown colour.  One can get technical about this and talk about dextrinisation or the Millard reaction.  But you know what, it’s toast.

My next door neighbour from home in Northern Ireland has just completed her degree in Home Economics and has a stint working in Florida.  I saw a great picture of the Mona Lisa made out of toast on her Facebook page, that she had taken at Disney.

If toast is not cooked for long enough it does not colour very much, if too long, it goes black and burnt.  If bread has a higher sugar content it will colour quicker than that with a lower sugar content.  According to British Standards – acceptable toast should be between shades 12-14 on the spectrum of acceptable food colours.  I never find the humble toaster works properly, to make good toast the best machine for it in undoubtedly the AGA.  The AGA toaster looks like a tennis racket.  I place it onto the Boiling Plate to heat for a few moments while I get the bread and then then a few seconds on each side and the toast is lovely and crunchy on the outside and smooth in the middle.  Toast as it should be.  As a travel around for my work demonstrating AGA it’s commented the world over about the quality of AGA toast.


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