Win an AGA, if only for the bacon sandwich

After launching AGA in China, I finally arrived home today to Peckham (the posh part).  It was silly o’clock and I just wanted to see Dr Thomas.  He was in bed, as all good people should on a bank holiday at 5am, only I found out he was ill with the flu.  I made him a Ribena and turned on Angus the AGA City60 and realised how I had missed both my men from my 10 days in the Orient.  You may not have been away, but if you want to WIN AN AGA read on, if only for a jet lagged bacon sandwich.  It’s so good to be home.


The problem was simple, Dr Thomas had not fixed the decking as promised, however, he had been rather ill, and that’s allowed.  Doctors get ill too some times.  He was also upset as Zayn had left One Direction (this news was even on BBC World Service in China!) I was desperate for a bacon sarnie from Angus, you see, in the Far East, if your lucky enough to find bacon it’s American or steaky bacon, or what they and the USA call ‘Canadian Bacon‘ which is like our British bacon, but that was cooked steamed in the hotel I was staying in in Hong Kong.  What I wanted was crispy bacon.  On my travels I even found ‘Beef Bacon’, some things are lost in translation!  Angus the AGA City60 cooked some bacon I had in the fridge fantastically.  The grill on the AGA City60 is not a ‘visible‘ grill like other cookers have, rather, it’s the top of the top Oven set to the ‘Roast’ setting.  You see, as AGA cooks with hot cast iron, the heat radiates down in the most beautiful way making bacon (or any food for that matter) really yummy.  The fat glistens and the meat is cooked as meat should be cooked.  Toast toasted on top using the AGA Toaster is crisp on the outside and smooth in the middle, toast as it should be, oh and spread with my favourite, Abernethy Butter, if you have not tried Abernethy Butter, you must, even Heston serves it.  And no, thats not the service station on the M4, more the restaurant.  As Abernethy Butter is rolled by hand, its lovely to slice down the rolls and have the ‘swirls‘ melt gently onto the AGA toast.  It’s one of pleasurable senses of eating.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Orient, I go there a lot, but some things I miss.  Fresh milk for my coffee by way of a simple example. UHT milk in China I don’t like in my cuppa.  But out there it’s generally the best I will get and as Confucius says, “when travelling, travel with all your heart“, embracing new cultures is very important so that does not mean bringing fresh milk nor the comforts of home with one!

Last night on my flight home I had the Asian option on the menu.  I’ve always wondered how airline food is done, it’s a military operation, and I noticed a bit of genius with the rice last night.  Cabbage.  Yes you heard me correctly and that’s not a racist term for my beloved Dr Thomas who is German.  Rather, cooked cabbage leaves are put over the rice in the airline meal to keep it moist.  Now that is clever.

As I came home, Gloria and Gaynor the cats greeted me.  They walked up to the door as I struggled with my bags, looked at me as to say “your back“, turned around and minced off.  As only cats do.  Cat’s, I believe, are a sign of what is going on inside of you.  For me, in a word.  Jet Lag.  I had been thrown across the world for 14 hours in a metal tube.  Now, the Egyptians did not have these metal tubes we call planes, but they did know about cats.  They held them in high regard.  Personally, I’m a dog person.  I grew up with dogs. I’ve always wanted to have dog in London, but now with my travelling it would not be fair to have a dog.  My dream, is to have a Dashchund called ‘Ludvig‘, in our flat in Peckham, named after King Ludvig 2nd of Bavaria.  Last year Dr Thomas and I visited his fairy tale home of Neuschwanstein Castle (Schloss for posh people or in the native German), a truly fabulous place of childhood dreams, jigsaw puzzles and Disney fairy princess castles!

Dr Thomas sadly is only half heartedly enjoying his One Direction easter egg now Zayne has left.  Who was he anyway? For me, Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate the Greatest thing that ever happened in history.  I reaffirms why Dr Thomas and I choose the one direction that gives us peace in our busy lives.  Easter lunch will follow, cooked on Angus the AGA City60 and a much needed weekend together.


So, on this long weekend, if you have a dog, why not enter the AGA Top Dog competition to win Angus’ bigger brother, the AGA Dual Control.  Click HERE to enter or visit your local AGA Shop, entries close on 25th April.  As for me, well, I have an AGA as you know, Gloria and Gaynor will not want a dog, so I’ve just ordered some on the new AGA Top Dog textiles.  In the mean time (but with jet lag I don’t feel in Greenwich Mean Time), I’m going to enjoy my Angus the AGA Bacon Sandwich.

It’s good to be home.  Happy Easter.

Angus the AGA makes a great bacon sandwich

Angus the AGA makes a great bacon sandwich





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