British Roast Dinner Week 2013

I LOVE a roast dinner, and as the nights are getting darker and autumn arriving *sob* it’s British Roast Dinner Week, sponsored by Knorr.  The lovely people at Knorr invited me for a Roast Dinner in my favourite place, my extended living room, The Oval Lounge.

British Roast Dinner Week

Name a product in your kitchen cupboard, one that you use every day, one that you never think about, but would be lost without.  For me its a stock cube.  You know, that thing you mix with 500ml of boiling water or 300ml for a stronger flavour, but you never do use the 300ml option as its too hard to read on the measuring jug.  So, if your like me you just pop 2 stock cubes into the 500ml. You know you should make fresh stock, you feel like you have committed a horrendous sin for not roasting beef bones and then reducing your jus like everyone on TV is telling you to do.  As a world award winning cookbook writer I assure you there is no sin in using that cube.  Culinary salvation in a packet. And as for Knorr gravy, well it just helps, it helps me feed all who are visiting for lunch, reduces the steam in my kitchen and helps me make a fab gravy by mixing it with whats left in the pan after the roast is cooked.

Last year I wrote about British Roast Dinner Week sponsored by Knorr and my love of this Great British Food.  This year it was great to be invited out for a Roast Dinner, The Oval Lounge at the Kennington Oval in London is the most relaxed gastropub / extended living room I have ever encountered.  Fab Yorkshires, beautiful veggies, great roasties, a choice of roast (and exciting veggie ones too) gravy fit for me, Britian’s Food Ambassador, all backed up with Knorr Bouillon, kitchen salvation, a reliable steady friend in my kitchen.  Just as good, the Oval Lounge is serving roast dinners all week.

Better still, proof of the pudding (and the Oval Lounge do GREAT puddings) Knorr today won The Grocer New Product Award for their gravy pot.  I was one of the judges and it’s superb.

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