Edge of Belgravia

I love to write about British products on my blog, especially those ones that are unique.  You know, the ones that you look at with a private stylish pride.  I was in the most British of establishments a few weeks ago – a drinks party in Harrdos (which I assume is actually ‘the edge of Belgravia’).  I was chatting to the owner of this company and he very kindly sent me some ceramic knives.

Untitled-1Good design is fundamental to any good piece of cooking equipment.  In a former life I was a consumer researcher in the Good Housekeeping Institute.  During my time there we tested products scientifically with home application of use to find the best for the consumer.  I remember about 10 years ago doing this for knives so I had a good play with my new knives using these tests and I can say one thing.  I’m impressed. If lime in not your choice of statement, they also come in Onyx black and Stainless Steel too.  However these knives are clever, they sit in the hand with ease, they cut like a warm knife through room temperature butter even on tough vegetables and are a joy.

With knives, sharp is safe – as its blade with not slip when cutting.  The ceramic knives have been designed for every home user and grown up chef, they are professional kit at its best, but also a contemporary work of art too.  The ceramic knives are nearly as hard as diamond and wont need sharpening for years.  Have a look at www.edgeofbelgravia.co.uk  the prices are very affordable (single knives from under £35) for the one thing every kitchen must have to work properly, a great sharp knife and from looking at the testimonies on the website many great kitchens are using these great knives too.

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