Is Pub Food Rivalling the UK’s Restaurants?

When we think of pub food, the first things that we usually think of are pork crackling, fish and chips, and bangers and mash, but things have changed in the past few years. Even successful figureheads like Mike Belben and David Eyre of The Eagle Pub changed the concept of pubs in London by serving quality food as well as high-end beer and wine thus the term “gastropub” was born in 1991.


The head of the wine department at M&S Wine business, Chris Murphy, shared his thoughts about the quality of wine served in UK pubs to The Daily Telegraph. He said, “Some gastropubs were doing a better job, but that in general pubs across the UK were squandering a chance to inspire more people to try wine.” Bibendum spokesman, Gareth Groves, added “Pubs have come a long way in the past ten years. The fact you can go into a normal family dining pub and find a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Chilean Merlot is a huge step forward.”

Pubs in the United Kingdom have come a long way and recently a small pub in Marlow was named as the best restaurant in Britain. The Hand & Flowers was declared this year’s winner of the National Restaurant Awards. The owner of the pub, chef Tom Kerridge and his wife Beth were ecstatic about this award. Some people were surprised that three-time winner The Ledbury was dethroned by a humble pub. One reason why this pub received the highest votes could be its casualisation of dining. The editor of Restaurant magazine, Will Drew, said “People have high standards of food, but they don’t want an old-fashioned, formal environment. Kerridge’s pub classics, elevated several degrees to match restaurant cooking, epitomise that shift.”

The Hand & Flowers was the first pub ever to win two Michelin stars and some would call this new breed of pubs “Michelinns” because of their high-quality dishes and prestigious awards. Because of Kerridge’s excellent pub grub, he shares some of his recipes on the TV series “Proper Pub Food” aired on BBC.

With all these improvements being done to the UK pubs – from its wine selection to its food menu –these pubs may soon reign the restaurant scene in the country.

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