Is ‘The Taste’ to your taste?

It is the high octane cooking contest that judges the contents of just a spoonful of food. The search is on for the first British winner of the high stakes cooking competition, where flavour is the only thing that matters.


In The Taste (on Channel 4), 25 cooks compete for 12 places, to be mentored by one of the three judges, the contestants range from talented amateurs to professionals from some of Britain’s best restaurants.

Nigella Lawson is an internationally renowned food writer and TV cook, French born Ludo Lefebvre is one of the most influential chefs in Los Angeles dining. Lastly Anthony Bourdain the food maverick, is an American author, TV host and producer.

The format is new to British viewers, but the three mentors already know each other well, as they have appeared together in the show’s original US version.

The first episode saw lots of people tuning in to the cookery show, but as the weeks go by less and less viewers are tuning in, blaming the fact that the show is dull and boring. The show has already lost half of the audience who watched the first episode. Reviews of the show talk about it needing to be more colourful and lively, with contestants needing to be more exciting and likeable to viewers.

Contestants have just 1 hour to create an inspiring and creative dish that will make the three judges begging for more than a spoonful. Each contestant’s spoonful is anonymously placed in front of each of the judges to taste, so the judges could potentially eliminate someone from their own team.

Challenges so far have ranged from creating comforting food dishes, spiced sweet dishes to evoking childhood memories with recipes the contestants grew up with.

Episode 6 was the chocolate delight challenge where contestants had to create a savoury dish with chocolate incorporated into it, to impress master chocolatier Eric Lanlard. Team Nigella won with Kelly’s chocolate and blue cheese tartlet with red onion marmalade, Eric Lanlard liked the combination and the lightness of the dish. Next week the contestants will be challenged to cook food using leftovers.

My verdict on the show is that it is inspiring and entertaining TV, watching the culinary tension and feuding between Anthony and Ludo in a childish manner is enjoyable to watch. The culinary creations made on the show are highly imaginable and make you want to be able to have your own tasting spoon. Watching the contestants try to squeeze, fit and balance everything on one spoon is also great viewing.

My money is on Guan the food blogger to win, as week after week he creates dishes that excite by using Malaysian flavours, making his dishes look so appetising.

Channel 4 has the recipes of the ‘spoons’ that have been created on the show on their website, so that if you have been salivating while watching the show, you can now get cooking these dishes at home and appeasing your needs.

I’m quite inspired to have a go at the chestnut and crab ravioli, will just have to dust of the pasta machine from the back of the cupboard first!

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