James in Germany – Aachen

Also known as Bad Achen is a spa town in Germany with a large cathedral famous for its sulphur springs and is the most Western city in Germany.  The smell of the springs can be smelt across the city center.


So it was suggested we went for a swim and a sauna.  Always a man up for a new adventure I donned my swimming trunks and was ready to go.  The water naturally warm and supposedly good for the health I swam.  It was lovely.  Then it was sauna time.  I must say, mixed changing rooms and German rules confused me.  One can not wear swimming trunks in a mixed sauna.  We don’t do this in Britain.  The German attitude to nudity was not that of Queen Victoria.

Today I tried a Pretzel.  Not soft like the ones I’ve had in the USA, but slightly firmer.  And I assure you confusion set in when I saw the variety, all in their native knot shapes.  It’s always best to eat them when freshly baked and there are many kiosks on the street where they are baked and available.  Germany certainly has a food concept of fresh we don’t have in the UK.  And it’s good to see.

Originally developed by Monks to reward children for praying (as they look like folded arms) they are now globally known and very famous all across Germany and eaten at Oktoberfest.  Falvoured with salt, sugar or cinnamon I find them rather yummy.

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