James in Germany – Bavaria

Bavaria to me is a romantic and somewhat magical place, Christmas markets, Ocktoberfest and the fairytale castle of Neusweinstein built by King Ludvic not to mention the beauty of Munich, yet more pork to eat and the home of BMW.


I’m missing 2 of these events on this trip, obviously the Christmas Markets,and I am leaving Germany a week early for Ocktoberfest (that actually starts in September) but that does not mean I’m missing out.  Leiderhosen are not German clothes as my Mother-in-Law,and chief guide on this trip tells me, they are Bavarian.  You see Germany is made up of 13 states, each in the past was ruled by a king, and they did a bit of fighting with each other, that was (to cut a long story short) there was the unification of Germany to join the states together in 1897.

Schweinshaxe must be the most famous dish of Bavarian cuisine, and I love it, I’ve had it before in the world famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich with kanoodle (potato dumplings) and sauerkraut (cabbage) or red cabbage.  Other restaurants off the tourist trail serve better food, but Schweinshaxe is a roasted ham hock (or pork knuckle) with a crispy skin.  It is beautiful, but there is fat everywhere when eating it.  The Germans eat a lot of meerrettich which is horseradish.  I’m beginning to think that traditional German food is just like traditional British food with it’s long cooking times, eating what is available locally, arguably unhealthy in nature served with mustard and horseradish.  However,I am not brave enough to try the famous white Bavarian sausage.

My friend in London is Bavarian, many times he has explained the food of his home to me and shown me the “Bavarian Cookbook”, a tombe by any stretch that seems to be the Bavarian equivalent to Mrs Beaton.  A nation proud of their food as it tells the stories of times gone past.

Today is my day to try German beer.  I rarely drink beer, I drink gin, but when in Bavaria, do as the Bavarians do…


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