James in Germany – Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a beautiful city in South-West Germany in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, built on the banks of the River Neckar.  a picturesque city globally famous with tourist as its in the old baroque style.  Oh and it’s University is as famous as Oxford and Cambridge.


About 600,000 the “Heidelberg Man” died and his jaw was discovered in 1907 and the scientists reckon he was the earliest evidence of human life in Europe.  Much history that formed not only the modern day Germany, but spread to other parts of Europe all happened in Heidelber, including Martin Luther and the reformation.

I love Spatzle, its a German noodle, its made of egg, flour and milk and cut my hand or using a ‘spatzle hoop’ into boiling water, it’s not like our pasta.  It can be served with cheese or as a carbohydrate accompaniment to dishes like Goulash.

I know what you are saying, Goulash is Hungarian.  Yes, but, it’s a dish that history has brought to regions of Austria, Germany and Hungary, each with different variations all due to the Austrian-Hungarian empire long before I was even thought of.   And guess what, it has pork, but can also be served with venison or beef.

I need to find my swimming trunks as today I’m off to Bad Homberg for a swim in the hot springs.

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