James in Germany – Koblenz

Mention German food to many and from my experience the comeback is either cabbage or pork.  I always considered this to be very narrowminded, however pork is appearing 3 times a day every day.  Today was a trip to Koblenz where the river Rhine meets the river Moselle at Deutsche Eck – or German corner for the rest of us, it’s the National Monument of Germany.


Food shopping in Germany is very different to that in the UK.  The selection of food products in any German supermarket would be a logistical nightmare for the centralised hub model that we call the British retail system.  An example being the beautiful cheese I had for breakfast today, it was locally made and not mass produced, but it is considered by many the best in the area, yet production levels are so low with some products they are not nationally available.  This allows the best foods of the area to be sold in the area whereas the British model would restrict this.

German home cooks are very proud of their home cooking, I have seen spatzle being sent back as it was not home made in a restaurant, I have heard people complain about how they would be offended if like in England ready prepared food was served.  This is a proud nation of very particular home cooks who still want the foods local to them.  I admire this.  Not only does it help to carry on food traditions, but it keeps the local farmers in a job and allows food to be cooked with pride and love.

Coffee and cake at 11am today in the Rhaingau.  It’s the area where the white grapes are grown for many of the famous German Rieslings and Icewine.  Ice wine grapes need to be harvested the day of the first frost and processed that day so they don’t rot.  The cakes in this country are outstanding.

We stop in Koblenz to see Deutsche Eck, a great monument to a united Germany and call into my long time friend’s restaurant and beergarden – Addis, I choose the Jager Schnitzel; a beautifully cooked piece of pork in a crumb coating with a mushroom sauce served with chips coated in paprika.  The portions are huge, I am thin, but they flavours fantastic.  I ate it all.  We are served a local wine and schnapps to finish.  Schnapps are widely drunk in Germany to help digest a meal, 2 types exist, the flavoured fruit type and the herbal variety.

Gute Nacht

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