James in Germany – Mainz

Mainz is an old Roman fort on the banks of the river Rhine in Rhineland-Palatinate with Mainz on one side of the Rhine and Wiesbaden on the other.  Mainz has a history back to the Roman times. As today started with pork I knew one thing, there would be more of it during the day,and there was, 350g to be exact.


I have learnt why the Germans drink schnapps, its to help with the pork digestion!  You really can feel it slide down your throat and into the stomach to help digest the fatty bits after too much pork.  I’m loving the 1001 ways pork can be served in this country, but lets remember that the larger German man that is commonly seen is probably still on the diet his grandfather in the cold days when farming ate, only his grandfather was outside to work it off.

And then here is beer and lots of it, in every shape of glass that is conceivable to man, all sorts of flavours.  The most famous being that of Oktoberfest served in the large “stein” – it’s  a full litre of beer and costs €10!  In Mainz I tried the local Brauhaus Castel, breweries allow opportunities to tour and try the beer in Germany.  I was shocked to see someone order a beer that was only 3/4 full in the glass the rest to be topped up with Coke Cola.  Commonly known as a Diesel and popular in Germany.

Next stop is across the rive to Wiesbaden, the capital of Hessen.

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