James in Germany – Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is the capital city of Hessen, located just outside Frankfurt and across the River Main from Mainz.  It’s the music that got me today.  Deutsche Schlager.


A few years ago, I must admit, I was by (accident may I add) able to travel New York, London, Paris, Munich (everyone’s talking about… pop music). I don’t know why I have a compulsion for things like this, but I do. Walk past many bars or cafe’s in Germany and the sound is clear that comes from them, an up beat catchy tune even if you don’t understand the language. Deutsche Schlager is the name of the genre, loosely translated meaning ‘hit’.

It’s camp, it’s catchy and its played everywhere.  I would not classify it as good music, it’s fun and got a great beat for a fun drinking night.  Simple catchy melody or light pop tunes about love, relationships or feelings.  It has always been popular in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Certain parts of Germany have ‘Slager Parties’ which are more like music festivals where people dress up in 1970’s clothes and enjoy the fruits of this camp and highly kitch music genre.  I have to admit I love it.  I am not ashamed of the music I do the housework to.  Are you?

My favourate artists are Andrea Berg, Marianne Rosenberg and Wolfgang Petry.  I consider the style to be European Apres-ski.

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