Remarkable Recipes by the UK’s Olive Oil Expert – Judy Ridgway

Every now and again colleagues contact me telling me about new books and business ventures.  Some are great, and some are spectacular.  The latest eBook I have shows someone as a true expert.  Thought you knew much about olive oil?  Let’s meet Judy Ridgway.


Who should know more about cooking with extra virgin olive oil than the growers and producers of the olive oil world?  REMARKABLE  RECIPES is a collection of 76 delicious but easy-to-make dishes from just these people. Some are traditional recipes, others are family favourites and yet others are modern creations from gifted cooks, but they are all rather different to the recipes found in general cookbooks of the regions.

Over the last twenty years Judy has visited the best producers in the Mediterranean and California in the northern hemisphere and Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the southern hemisphere.  In that time she looked at how extra virgin olive oil is used in the local cuisine, collecting recipes from all kinds of kitchens from small farms to grand estates as well as from family-run restaurants.

REMARKABLE  RECIPES is just part of that collection.  The 76 recipes are arranged in sections according to the time taken to prepare the dishes with great fast food dishes followed by quick and easy breakfasts, snacks and suppers as well as salads and cold dishes.  Savoury dishes that take a little longer come next with a final section on baking with extra virgin olive oil.

Each recipe uses the extra virgin olive oil made by the producer contributing that recipe.  However, an indication is given of the style of oil so that you can buy a similar oil if the original is not easily available to you. To help with finding such substitute oils the introductory pages look at what style of oils to expect from where with a list of regions which generally produce delicate, medium or robust oils.

The introduction also explores the different ways of using extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen and answers the perennial question “can I cook with extra virgin olive oil”.  Finally there is a short section on extra virgin olive oil, nutrition and health.

How to buy the book

The e-book is available from,, and Waterstones website.

2 thoughts on “Remarkable Recipes by the UK’s Olive Oil Expert – Judy Ridgway

  1. I’m a great promoter of British produce and work by British people. In the past I have promoted (and will do again) the work of Andy Fussell and his award winning rapeseed oil. However when we have a global expert on Olive Oil in the UK I am also happy to both honour and highlight her work too. You can read all about Fussells British Rapeseed Oil Are you an expert in this area as I would love to interview you for a blog if you are. I look forward to hearing from you. James

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