The complete Indian Regional Cookbook

There is no news that there is a new book out, especially not a new cookbook.  But this is very different.  This book is written by a lady who has seen it, done it, cooked it and travelled the world winning awards for her work with Indian food.  I’ve written about Mridula Baljaker before, and I was over the moon to receive her 27th book.  A huge achievement by any stretch.  It’s called The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook.


Multi World Award winning cookbook author Mridula Baljekar releases her latest book.  The Complete Indian Regional Cookbook is a compilation of stunning recipes exploring well known as well as unknown territories of India.

The introduction shows how regional foods are influenced by various internal and external factors such as migrant cultures, geography, climate, religion and local traditions.  It takes you through to mountainous north east India, so far unexplored, and stunningly beautiful.  The area is rich in tea and turmeric as well as rice and thrives on simple local produce.  By contrast, it travels down south to the palm-fringed coastal areas where centuries old influences from Arabia, China, Portugal and Britain shaped its fabulous cuisine.

The diversity of Indian cuisine truly matches the varied conditions that exist in the country.  Mridula has captured the diverse nature of Indian cuisine in simple and easy to follow instructions.  Unusual dishes such as fish with tomato and lime (Tenga) from Assam, parsnip patties from central India, kathi rolls from east India and melt-in-the mouth kebabs from Hyderabad in the south are explained in simple terms so as  to make it accessible to the novice and  a welcome addition to the repertoire of the advanced cook.

How about the world famous Mogul dishes of the north?  Mridula has made these rich and luxurious dishes look simple and easy.  Try stately meat and poultry dishes such as the superlative Lamb in Rose Scented Almond Sauce or Stuffed Quail.

For the sweet trolley, there are exquisite dishes like Saffron-scented Rice Pudding, Sweet Samosas, Royal-style Bread Pudding and Vermicelli Dessert with Dates and Pistachios.

To bring some winter warmth into your body, try Spice-infused Kashmiri Tea or to keep cool in the summer try a yogurt drink (lassi) on crushed ice.

Stunning photographs evoke the character of each region, while 300 recipes provide a delightful and inspiring range of dishes from this unsurpassed cuisine.

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