The Popcornist

Dear readers, meet my friend Philip.  I’ve known Philip for about 10 years now, a Gentleman who has a bit of a thing for popcorn.  Philip is on a mission to make popcorn better, he is –  The Popcornist.


If you thought popcorn was a passing fad, think again! It is popping up in pre-packaged gourmet form everywhere and becoming the latest must have bar snack favourite for upmarket restaurants and gastropubs. But making anything other than the ubiquitous sweet popcorn at home has remained more elusive. Business partners Philip Edgerton and Marcio Brito decided to bring together all the knowledge and know-how to make the perfect popped corn under one roof and have created The Popcornist, designed to be a one-stop-shop and source of information where advice, tips, techniques and recipes can be found and of course all the equipment necessary for the home cook.

Philip said, “We came up with the name because we wanted to get across the knowledge base and information that we have incorporated into the website, we want to equip people with the tools and the know-how to make the perfect popcorn”.

And there is science behind The Popcornist too, Dr Rachel Edwards Stuart, food scientist and flavour expert who worked on molecular gastronomy for Heston Blumenthal, worked with the Popcornist founders to explore the science behind the perfect popped corn. One of the key findings is no surprise, “Water,” as Rachel says, “is the enemy of popcorn!” The resulting recipes are very precise and require careful attention to get just right. “This,” Philip says, “is part of the challenge and part of the fun. Creating something that is really impressive, a bit different to the cinema treat, but producing some great results”. The team have come up with an eclectic mix of recipes to start off with from banana and coffee to the more intriguing rosemary and anchovy .

Popcorn’s popularity has grown amongst the foodie cognoscenti, but most homemade versions are often safe and confined to toffee or caramel flavours. Fed up with the disappointment of some over sweet versions and the distinctly un-foodie nature of many pre-packaged varieties business partners Philip and Marcio went on a mission to create the perfect popcorn at home. They have 3 different machines to choose from which hark back to the 1950s with their cool stylish retro designs and they’ll look pretty good on display in any kitchen.

Philip said, “We’ve really enjoyed bringing together the science, history and know-how around popcorn and had great fun trying out new flavours and learning how to perfect the techniques of cooking so that anyone can do it and have fun while they do it!”.

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