Versatile sauces

Now and again I’m sent samples of new products to try.  I received a message on Twitter that I was going to be sent something very versatile, I did not expect to receive a plastic Vespa Scooter filled with Tomato sauces.  Upon further investigation these versatile sauces are just that.  I’ve put them in everything this past week.  I’ve found a new store-cupboard standby.  Time for that tin of tomatoes to move over.

Untitled-1Sarah Branagan, category manager for Knorr sauces at Unilever Food Solutions, says: “The Italian Create More sauces are ridiculously versatile and, designed to allow chefs to add their own signature to a sauce, can be used for anything from fresh sauces and soups to pizza toppings and Focaccia bread. All they need to do is add water, fresh ingredients and their own inspiration to create great-tasting dishes.

“They are so versatile, our chef, Versatility Steve, has become a bit obsessed with Knorr Create More Concentrated Sauces and things have got a little out of hand. We want chefs to go one better by heading online and setting Steve a ridiculous challenge of their own. He’ll then prove just how versatile they are.”

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