Lab grown meat – Bistro-in-Vitro

I regularly get invitations to new restaurants opening so I can write about them for my blog,  some I go to and some I don’t. It all depends on if I have time or if the theme of the restaurant meets the story of my blog.  However, last week being invited to a new restaurant of ‘Lab Grown Meat‘ piqued my interest.  I mean, Vegetarian friendly re-newable meat.

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Northern Irish food in China

Readers will know how much I love the food and culture from my native Northern Ireland and also how I often travel to China to present TV and launch food products for Great British and Northern Irish brands in China.  What a surprise when I stumbled upon a Northern Irish restaurant in China.  A Home from home, I was even greeted at the door in my mother tongue of Ulster Scots with a big smile by Eddie the Chinese owner who lives in Belfast now saying in broad Belfast tone ‘bout ya’, slightly different to the ‘Ni Hao’ I have been greeted with the past 10 days.  Welcome to the land of BT8 in Shenzhen, just above Hong Kong.

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