Day Day Up…. Up Up and Away

Right now I am exhausted!  I am sitting in Changsha Airport (the 12th largest in China may I add) and I feel like an empty battery.


Thank you all for your emails and encouragement to get me through this trip.  It was tough.  But I’ve done it.

Today I spent the whole day in a TV studio.  Fun you may think but it’s actually really draining work.  I prepped my food and did one of my classic recipes of “Gin can Chicken”.  Basically, I purchased a (Chinese) can of beer, emptied the can and filled it with Beefeater Gin.  At that point I inserted it into the Chicken cavity and roasted it.  The beer steams through the chicken and the resulting product is very moist.  Only problem was the head and feet were on the chicken when I opened the package.  I screamed.  I hate those things.

We arrived at the studio and went straight into make-up.  I hate this.  It’s always has to be heavy for TV.  Then there is Chinese Style.

The show starts.  It’s a China’s most watched show called “Day Day Up”.  The dancers start the show by dancing with huge spoons and forks.  All Asian style.  I’m waiting for Pokemon to arrive.  I walk on stage with a busty blond.  My late father would have been so proud!  The audience screams. I am asked why I am so thin for a Chef.  I explain it is because I spend so much time in a nightclub.  They get me to dance on stage (self conscious now).  I show the chicken I had pre-roasted on the beer can filled with gin. The Chinese scream with laughter.  I prepare it as Coronation Chicken, talk about UK food and take a huge Union Jack and make it into a cloth chicken. The girls scream.  I’m hounded for autographs as I leave the TV studio.

Time for dinner. I have never eaten a Fray Bentos pie in my life but this journey through China has caused me to crave one.  Am I pregnant?  We arrive at the airport to fly to Beijing. The flight is delayed.  A monsoon has arrived.   I make it to Beijing at 4am, find my hotel and realise I need to be up at 7am, no point in sleeping.  I have a bath as there is a film on my skin I have not been able to remove for days.  Humidity and pollution even my Clinique 3 Step wont remove.

I’m checked in and ready to fly.  Green and Pleasant lands are calling.  There is something so comforting about seeing the tail fin of a British Airways 747 in it’s red, white and blue.  Walking on board, and as I sit down I hear the PA “Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I’m Rebecca and welcome to British Airways”.

Up, up and away…

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