Eating Insects in China, Shangdong home food

Lets cut to the chase, I did it.  I ate grasshoppers, silk worms and scorpions.  In the interest of public sanity, this blog post from Yantai, in Shangdong province in China is NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED.

We have all heard that insects will be the main protein once the world predicted protein shortage comes into play in 30 years.  Simple fact, there is not enough protein to feed the worlds growing population.

Travelling through Shangdong province, which is one of the ‘foundation’ cuisines of the 8 cuisines of China we were taken to see a local organic farm.  A beautiful day picking blueberries, mulberries and seeing crops in fields 2m wide and stretching as far as the eye can see.  The crops were dispersed with potatoes, wheat, cabbages, wheat, potatoes etc for natural protection to remove the needs for chemicals.

As always in China on these trips, lunch is at noon and always lasts over an hour with many goodies on the table.  There they were, between the “3 Bacteria soup” (mushroom with bad translation!} and local bread with honey.  Insects, fried.

Yes, I ate them on camera, I enjoyed them.  Crispy like almonds, chewy like meat.  In fact, after the camera, I ate more.  Delicious.

However extreme this may seem to some in the West, it’s important to be respectful of this ancient culture in this great land.  China is developing so rapidly, not that long ago many could not feed themselves.  The greatest way to offend a nation is to damn their food.  Food is the story of a people.  And I always do my best to eat their food.

Hope you enjoy the video


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