James in China

Britain’s Food Ambassador, Multi world award winning cookery writer, China Food TV presenter and AGA Brand Ambassador, James McIntosh has grown up around good home-cooked, British food.Untitled-4

As a Home Economics teacher, his mother taught him the value of good food and James’ farm related upbringing influenced his ‘from farm to fork’ theme within his career.

James has spent a lot of time travelling across China taking part in award winning TV documentaries and appearing on the famous China TV show “Day Day Up” with an audience of up to 1 billion.

James is passionate about British Food, especially from his Northern Irish roots and has a plethora of knowledge about the brands and produce that make up the culinary experiences of the British Isles. James is now taking that knowledge abroad. As a World Food Traveller, his journey through life now takes him to China, where as the ambassador for AGA, he will be promoting Great British food and manufacturing alongside a long standing Great British brand.

James’s food travels started at the age of 18 when he toured Siberia. Since then he has travelled across Europe and into the Baltic States, Japan, Middle East, Australia, North America, Caribbean, North Africa and China;  launching the AGA PRO+ in the USA and Canada as well as co-presenting a 20 part TV series are some of the highlights of his achievements. For more information about James in China visit www.james.cn.com  and enjoy his blogs below

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