Alan Coxon – bringing historic ingredients back to life

I’ve watched Alan’s shows on TV and met his several times, but on Saturday Alan Coxon launches a unique ingredient in Partridges in London – AleGar (TM).  Alan has spent over a decade developing historic food products for todays market.


Alegar is a medieval 15th Century Old English product.

AleGar is NOT a “Balsamic” vinegar and the two are very different products.

AleGar pre-dates balsamic by 150 years & disappeared 300 years from the UK.

AleGar is produced with all natural ingredients.

AleGar has no unnatural additives, added sugars or nasties whatsoever.

AleGar is matured for three years for perfect rounding and balancing of flavours.

AleGar originated from an English Ale recipe once consumed by Queen Elizabeth 1st.

AleGar can be used like a Balsamic or a Worcester sauce or even a Soy sauce.

AleGar is Globally unique and took Alan 10 years of research and development.

AleGar is not produced from powder, added sugars or thickening agents like many Balsamics sold in the UK !.

AleGar was tasted by 12 leading UK Celebrity Chefs & declared that a Balsamic of the Ale-Gar quality would have a price point of around £40.00! Gino de Campo said £47.00!

AleGar is presented in bottles that were designed by Alan Coxon adding a greater point of difference on the shelf, in the home and in the kitchen, a bottle that can be re-used!

AleGar is now being sold in 14 countries around the world including leading gourmet food stores in Madrid, Vienna, Prague, Hong Kong, Switzerland etc. It is also available from the “Historic Royal Palaces” in the UK.

AleGar has to date, achieved 5 International Gold Awards for “Superior taste”, “Quality” and “Innovation”( recently awarded an iTQi award by 60 Michelin star chefs).

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