Anyone for Pizza?

I get sent many food products to evaluate, some good, some not so good, but this one is fab!  Perfectly made and proper. Untitled-1Experimenting with pizza toppings at home has never been more tasty thanks to the launch of Crosta Mollica’sReady to Top’ Pizza Crust with a fresh tomato sauce.

Baked in a small bakery in Campania (not far from Amalfi), each pizza is individually handmade using traditional methods of the local pizzeria who understand how the local climate will affect the working of the dough.

The result is a delicious hand made full flavoured crust with its high border, cooked in flame-fired ovens.

Celebrating all that’s ‘really Italian’ when it comes to authentic regional bakery, Crosta & Mollica is all about the real discovery of genuine Italian products.

 Pizza is a great way to experiment with flavours and they’re so easy to make. Why not try:

  • Salami Napoli – add slices of Napoli salami on top of the mozzarella before cooking
  • Amalfitana – add a few anchovy fillets and a few capers on top of the mozzarella before cooking

Crosta & Mollica Ready to Top Pizza Crust with Tomato Topping is currently available in Waitrose priced £1.99 (310g) and for a limited period it’s currently on offer at £1.59. Each pizza crust serves 1-2.

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